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Recent Project Highlights:

VA Bay Pines Healthcare System
Creative was given the opportunity to work with the interior designer in developing a comprehensive artwork and signage wayfinding program, in conjunction with our sister company Creative Signage. Tropical and marine themes were used and the color tones were coordinated to match the range of interior design and wayfinding elements within the hospital. The artwork was framed in custom cherry mouldings that accented the pieces and complimented the interior wayfinding and signage decor.

Naval Health Clinic Charleston
The Commanders for this new Navy Healthcare Clinic asked Creative to provide an art program that included custom photography that would enhance the decor of the facility and present patients with imagery of locations they are familiar with. To achieve this Creative used custom photography from their library of images of the Charleston and South Carolina regions. The design included themed zones, such as local landmarks and botanicals, to provide visitors with visual cues of locations and clinics within the building.

Walter Reed AMC
This facility with quite a challenging directional dilemma brought Creative Art Programs together with our sister company, Creative Signage, for a comprehensive wayfinding program. After the signage committee determined that themeing would surround the four elevator bank quadrants, all signs and art followed the Capitol Region, Americana, Hill/Farm Country and Chesapeake designations. The artwork presented patient and visitors with distinct visual separation between each elevator bank.

VA Coatesville
Creative was asked to provide several artwork packages to have on hand that would be universally appropriate for various patient populations. We decided that offering the patients fresh and inspirational organic imagery would work best for the staff, visitors and in large part, mental health viewers. Each 50 piece package was designed to stand alone as one clinic or to be broken apart into several waiting areas throughout the facility.

VA West Palm Beach
The Interior Designer had a unique task of combining the Director’s patriotic vision with what feels appropriate to the colorful coastal locale. Together we created a program that concentrated on honoring veterans and America in a contemporary manner throughout the main floor while keeping things “Florida” within the patient clinics. To tie the overall concept together we were careful to include coastal patriotic images in all locations to provide the cohesiveness necessary for a well rounded art program.

Tennesse Valley Healthcare System
We were tasked with selecting art to reinforce the design concepts implemented in the newly renovated main lobby and 1st floor. To compliment the modern color palette and materials used in the area, Creative provided artwork with federal & patriotic themes. This also included custom framing that allowed for interchangeable artwork. The design and artwork provided by Creative, in conjunction with the new renovation, highlighted the annual Planetree conference in Nashville.